Dassana Builds Security Control Effectiveness Index (SCEI) on the Snowflake Data Cloud

Security Control Effectiveness Index (SCEI),  Powered by Snowflake, gives CISOs and security teams better control, insights, and cost savings across cybersecurity solutions 

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 11, 2023 — Dassana today announced the launch of the Security Control Effectiveness Index (SCEI). SCEI, Powered by Snowflake, pulls data from across a company’s suite of disparate security tools to create a standardized score measuring the overall effectiveness of a company’s security strategy.

“Security teams spend an exorbitant amount of time just managing the tsunami of data flowing from their vulnerability scanners and CNAPP, SIEM, and XDRs solutions. Yet, they aren’t always any closer to understanding the performance across those tools or the true resilience of their attack surface,” said Ajay Nigam, CEO of Dassana. “By leveraging Snowflake’s Data Cloud, we can consolidate all that data so these teams can fully optimize their security effectiveness, saving money and futureproofing their strategies along the way.”

Building SCEI on Snowflake has allowed Dassana to leverage Snowflake’s connected app model to deliver data ownership, scale, and performance to customers. 

With an estimated $188B to be spent on cybersecurity in 2023 (Gartner), CISOs are increasingly being held accountable at a board level for both the efficacy and cost of their cyberdefense strategies. Quantifying performance across tools and illustrating a security organization’s return on investment has been a persistent challenge for CISOs and security engineers alike. Dassana has changed this dynamic with its SCEI and is doing it at scale with Snowflake.

Omer Singer, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy at Snowflake added, “Unifying security data unlocks opportunities to make confident, data-driven decisions. By bringing the Snowflake Data Cloud and Dassana together, we’re providing security teams with a new way to streamline operations and maximize efficiency.” 

Customers can bring all of their security-related data together in one place and get a wealth of quantified insights on the efficacy and performance of a company’s security tools with SCEI, Powered by Snowflake. SCEI not only provides a clear,  high-level snapshot  of the company’s overall security posture, it also provides granular insights such as tool engagement and SLA adherence by business unit.  As a dynamic metric, the SCEI gives security leadership the ability to track and understand security control effectiveness over time. Most importantly, with an SCEI score in hand, CISOs can effectively illustrate the performance of their teams and strategies and hold security vendors accountable to their performance promises.

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