Security Data Lake

Security Data Lake

Go from data in sight to data insights

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Centralize everything


Integrated Asset Inventory that readily works with Cloud Platforms using APIs


CSPM tools, vulnerability scanners, IDS alerts and more

Raw Events

Ingest raw data like CloudTrail, VPC flows and more to enrich and contextualize alerts

Org-wide insights

Automatically establish ownership and get comprehensive visibility

Org-wide insights

Empower your teams

Enable your development teams by giving them essential context so they can better prioritize and maintain SLAs

Empower your teams

Connect the data dots

Answer any question across all of your interconnected data using industry's first schema-less ingestion and SQL over JSON

Connect the data dots

Security data lake platform


1. Centralization


2. Normalization


3. Contextualization


4. Prioritization


5. Attribution


6. Visualization / Reporting

Loved by security teams

"One of the most frustrating parts of managing a modern security landscape is having to make a risk-based decision knowing the data is out there, but not readily available. Dassana allows you to make better real-time, risk-based decisions by transforming your security data into meaningful insights."

Matthew Hurewitz

Associate Director, Application Security & Security Architecture at Best Buy

"Dassana is a great product that allows security observability at scale. Security teams have to deal with multiple tools that act in silos, each having its own individual data visualization workflows. Using Dassana, we can now collect data from various data sources and quickly create dashboards using SQL queries. Dassana truly offers a unique way to observe our infrastructure and apps from a security point of view."

Pathik Patel

Head of Cloud Security at Informatica

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