Data-Driven, Continuous Security Control Effectiveness
Your Modern Response to the SEC Cybersecurity Mandates
SEC Cybersecurity Mandates
Public companies need to transparently disclose their Cybersecurity Risk Management & Strategy, positioning security as a pivotal business risk
Harmonize Cybersecurity Data
Seamlessly integrate data with Security ETL Empower existing data on Snowflake with Connectorless AI
Security Control Effectiveness
Transform subjective security aspects into clear, objective, and actionable insights. Continuous, quantified measures of security effectiveness
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You invested in security tools

How do you measure

  • Efficacy
  • ROI
  • Risk Quantification

Simply acquiring these tools is not enough.
Leverage your security tools to their full potential
to maximize your security control effectiveness.

Why now?
Hear from our experts
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The Dassana Approach

Don’t settle for potential, unlock your security tools and propel your security operations to new heights.

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  • Contextualized insights and actionable intelligence
  • Unified platform with comprehensive visibility
  • Raw data enabling future use cases
  • Improve and maintain your security posture in real time
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  • Empower CISOs to showcase effectiveness to the Board
  • Equip engineers to handle security challenges¬†
  • Enforce responsibility for security tools
  • Measure efficacy
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  • No more vendor lock-in
  • Significant cost savings
  • Own and scale your data according to your needs
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Fly Faster + Farther
Cockpit | Engine

Dassana’s cockpit serves as the nerve center that aggregates and correlates security data from multiple sources into our cutting-edge engine powered by Snowflake.

Unlock Potential
Unleash Performance