Why Dassana

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Why Dassana

security data ETL

Today, a major cybersecurity challenge lies in handling
the vast amount of data from numerous IT security tools.
Organizations grapple with reporting on exploitability posture,
identifying critical business areas, and showcasing
the effectiveness of security initiatives and controls.
With Dassana, you can overcome these limitations!

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Don’t let your
security investments
turn into a curse.

You have invested considerable time and resources in deploying state-of-the-art
security technology. However, you are encountering challenges in leveraging the
data gathered by these tools, leading to issues with data quality
and necessitating manual efforts to correlate various data points.

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this is just a ratio keeper

Reimagine security data ETL

Dassana has revolutionized the process of security data aggregation and normalization, empowering you to extract vital insights to expedite time-to-remediation, enhance the productivity of your security teams, and ultimately bolster the effectiveness of your security controls.

Forget about the old ways. Unlock the power of a cybersecurity mesh.

With Dassana, you can assure:

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  • Contextualized insights and actionable intelligence
  • Unified platform with comprehensive visibility
  • Raw data instead of just the ones that can be easily normalized, enabling future use cases
  • Stateful and stateless data for increased accuracy
  • Improve and maintain your security posture in real time
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  • Correlate with business criticality to understand the impact on your organization
  • Map data to your business structure to define owners and hold them accountable
  • Empower CISOs to showcase effectiveness to the board
  • Equip engineers to handle security challenges
  • Improve and maintain your security posture in real time
  • Measure efficacy
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  • No more vendor lock-in
  • Significant cost savings
  • Confidently handle large volumes of security data and seamlessly adapt to changing needs
  • Fully own and control your security data while ensuring data integrity, compliance, and privacy
  • Bring your own data lake or use the Dassana co-managed data lake option powered by Snowflake®
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