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Who We Are

the power of a modern
cybersecurity mesh
since 2020

Enterprise and fellow cybersecurity vendors put their trust in us.


Dassana’s mission is to unlock the power of a modern cybersecurity mesh for enterprises, helping them to expedite time-to-remediation, enhance the productivity of security teams, and ultimately bolster the effectiveness of security controls.

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At Dassana, our goal is to empower organizations to seamlessly extract vital insights from all security data sources to mitigate risk and enhance cyber resiliency.

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Born by necessity.

One of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity today is how to manage the volume, velocity,
and complexity of data generated by the myriad of IT security tools we have deployed in our networks.
For years, organizations have been struggling to report on things like their exploitability posture,
what part of their business poses the greatest material impact, or how to demonstrate that their
security initiatives and controls are working.

Despite investing considerable time and often manual effort in consolidating data from disparate,
siloed security tools, organizations continually found themselves falling short of
obtaining the insights they needed.

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