Use Cases

Security ETL & Metrics

-Connectors: Bring data into Snowflake efficiently.
-Connectorless AI: For seamless use of data already on Snowflake.
-Out-of-the-box security metrics and dashboards, requiring no SQL to build. For power users, Snowflake-compliant SQL capabilities are available.

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Vulnerability Management

-Contextualizes vulnerabilities with external threat intelligence and triangulation across sources.
-Orchestrates automated resolutions with explainability.
-Keeps stakeholders informed on vulnerabilities trending and directly affecting the business.

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Productivity & Resource Planning

-Aims to positively influence security behavior and culture.
-Big picture metrics:
     a. How fast does risk arrive?
     b.How long does risk survive?
     c. How fast are we getting rid of risk?
     d. How frequently do we get extreme vulnerabilities?
     e. How much risk is moving from dev to prod?

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Security Control Effectiveness

-Unifies and quantifies your entire risk and incident management strategy to meet the demands of the SEC’s new mandates.
-Distills complex security posture into a single, clear metric, offering an unparalleled view of your organization’s security.

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