Fly Faster & Farther
Security Control Effectiveness
Eliminate security data silos and alert fatigue | Intelligent prioritization to focus on what matters most
Scale and

Confidently handle large volumes of security data and seamlessly adapt to changing needs.

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Data Ownership
and Control

Fully own and control your security data while ensuring data integrity, compliance, and privacy through Dassana’s data lake architecture.

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Granular Operational Insight

Get clear ownership view. Dassana’s cockpit centralizes security data from various sources and intelligently attributes it to specific controls, enabling efficient management across your organization.

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Focus on What Matters

Enable your security teams to swiftly spot high-priority risks and act to mitigate them by prioritizing global security concerns through rich contextual and situational analysis of relevant data.

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Accurate Assessments

Evaluate your security posture, track progress, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your security control effectiveness. Dassana’s cockpit introduces a Security Control Effectiveness Index which provides a standardized score to measure the overall effectiveness of security controls.

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Vendor Agnostic Approach

Save significant dollars each year and eliminate vendor lock-in. Gain flexibility to adapt to changing security requirements without disrupting workflows. Dassana’s platform aggregates and normalizes data from security tools and technologies by leveraging its OpenAPI framework.

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Actionable Insights and Reporting

Transform your raw security data into actionable insights and empower stakeholders to make informed decisions. Dassana’s cockpit delivers comprehensive reporting capabilities, enabling organizations to generate customized reports on security control effectiveness and overall security posture.

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