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The Dassana Platform

A control plane
to take your
practice to
new heights.

Hassle-free security ETL with self-service analytics and
native apps that help mitigate risks and enhance cyber

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What your cybersecurity practices will look like with us.

Here is what you can expect


The foundational components:
your recipe to success

Security Analytics & Intelligence

Dassana Smart Connector Framework

Leverage continuous connections to your existing security and IT infrastructure data sources.

Dassana Security ETL Engine

Normalize data across a variety of the same data feeds to rule out false-positives, duplicates, and enrich data attributes. Once reconciled, aggregates data across different data types and then contextualizes the data to derive a holistic view.

Dassana Data Lake

Leverage the Dassana co-managed data lake, powered by Snowflake®, or bring your own Snowflake license to keep full control over your data. Support of other data lakes will be available in the future.

Dassana Business Attribution Mapper

The Dassana Business Attribution Mapper allows you to assign ownership and organizational structures to the data, allowing for better accountability and faster time-to-remediation.

Dassana AI/ML Engine

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology allows for expedited processing and correlations.

Operations Layer

Dassana Centralized Dashboard Library

With pre-built dashboards, security practitioners get a complete and continuously updated view across their attack surface.

Dassana Self-Service Analytics

You don’t have to be a data engineer or data scientist to leverage the wealth of security data Dassana serves up for you. Instead, just leverage an easy-to-use snippet that allows for self-service queries.

Dassana Workflow Engine

Supports the integration into leading ticketing systems to streamline ownership assignment and shorten time-to-remediation while increasing operational efficiency.

Dassana Alert Engine

Receive alerts to speed up remediation actions and turn from a reactive to proactive approach.

Dassana AI-Ally

Say hello to your ally in handling security-related tasks. Be it a simple data call, whereby you ask Dassana AI-Ally to answer your question about which AWS EC2 instances have log4j, to more complicated task like assessing if all your tools that don’t come with SSO integration have password rotation set – we have you covered. That’s the power of AI!

Dassana SDK

Empowers ecosystem partners (e.g., ISVs)
to unlock the power of a modern cybersecurity mesh

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Meet the
Dassana cybersecurity
mesh control plane


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Take advantage
of Dassana
native apps.