Dassana Launches Inaugural CISO Advisory Board

Board formation highlights ongoing success and underscores company’s commitment to addressing the dynamic and complex needs of the market.

San Mateo, CA – April 30, 2024 – Dassana, a leading provider of solutions that seamlessly unlock a modern cybersecurity mesh, today announced the launch of its new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Advisory Board. Established to guide the enhancement of enterprise cybersecurity through innovative, data-centric strategies, the board consists of top cybersecurity leaders and industry pioneers.

The CISO Advisory Board will collaborate closely with Dassana, offering insights, market trends, and candid feedback from a CISO’s perspective. This underscores Dassana’s commitment to fostering strong and collaborative partnerships with security leaders worldwide, ensuring that the company’s solutions resonate with the challenges and requirements of today’s ever-evolving cyberthreat landscape.

Ajay Nigam, CEO of Dassana, reflects on the board’s impact, stating, “Incorporating the voice of the market into our strategy is crucial. This advisory board, spearheaded by leading CISOs, ensures that Dassana remains not just proactive but also profoundly attuned to the real problems enterprises face. Our shared mission is to unlock the power of a modern cybersecurity mesh for enterprises, helping them to expedite time-to-remediation, enhance the productivity of security teams, and ultimately bolster the effectiveness of security controls.”

Dassana’s inaugural CISO Advisory Board members include:

Steve Zalewski, Retained CISO
Steve Zalewski brings a wealth of experience as a retained CISO and international security advisor to the CISO advisory board. His previous roles include CISO at Levi Strauss & Co as well as senior security positions at Pacific Gas & Electric and Kaiser Permanente. A respected thought leader, Steve actively engages with the cybersecurity community through speaking engagements and as a co-host of the CISO Series Defense-in-Depth Podcasts. He holds multiple patents in data protection and operating systems and is certified in CISSP, CISM, and CRISC.

Matthew Sharp, CISO at Xactly Corp
Matt Sharp leverages over 15 years of experience in cybersecurity, cloud technologies, and strategic business alignment, aimed at accelerating growth and enhancing organizational resilience. He co-authored “The CISO Evolution”, a guide for effective communications with senior management and boards, as well as co-founded a cybersecurity consulting firm. In addition, Matt serves as a venture advisor at YL Ventures, aiding early-stage startups. Holding an MBA from Colorado State University, his expertise spans cybersecurity operations, sales, consulting, and management.

Sean Malone, CISO at Demandbase
Sean Malone, an accomplished technical CISO, is known for significantly enhancing security frameworks across organizations. With deep expertise in security vision and leadership, governance, and cloud security, Sean’s approach to security surpasses basic compliance, leveraging his red team experience to design robust security architectures that effectively mitigate risks. He holds prestigious certifications such as CCISO, CISSP, CISM, CISA, and AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

About Dassana
Dassana is a leading provider of solutions that unlock the power of a modern cybersecurity mesh for enterprises. Dassana revolutionizes the process of security data aggregation and normalization, empowering organizations to extract vital insights to expedite time-to-remediation, enhance the productivity of security teams, and ultimately bolster the effectiveness of security controls. Leveraging the Dassana Cybersecurity Mesh Control Panel, users can gain access to self-service analytics or run native apps that help mitigate risks and enhance cyber resiliency.

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